Litchfield Lacrosse Association is a non-profit lacrosse sports development league for youth in Litchfield, New Hampshire, and a member of the state youth league: NHYLA

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Parking Reminders
Parents,   With the spring season beginning this weekend,...
Raffle Results
  2019 Calendar Raffle  Drawings are underway and will...
Parking Reminders
With the spring season beginning this weekend, the league would like to at this time ask for your help in the parking situations for Litchfield Park at Sawmill Brook.
Please make sure that the access to the traffic circle remains available at all times - there should be no parking in front of the yellow rope.  Please remember that the area after the rope and no parking signs is for immediate pick up and drop off only - this includes being "off to the side".  Again, because of the number of teams and people using this field and parking lot (not just lacrosse, but soccer will be there starting next week), there are some courtesies we ask of all who will be present on the field.
* There is no parking in the circle or the entrance to the circle - this includes sitting in your car waiting for your child after practice. There will be nights where there will be up to 8 teams on the field between 5 and 8. Waiting in the circle as your child saunters off after practice will cause a greater headache for all - please imagine if you were trying to drop off and are at the end of the line.
* When parking, please park perpendicular to the woods on either side of the parking lot - there are lines to ulitlize in the lot.
* Please do not park in the handicap spots unless you have a valid plate/placard.  Litchfield police do patrol and will tow violators.
Thank you for your assistance in keeping our children and the area we use safe.
Thank you,



by posted 04/19/2019
Raffle Results


2019 Calendar Raffle 

Drawings are underway and will continue through the month of April. Check back often for the updated list of winners! Remember, winners do not need to check in with the board. If any information is needed, we will contact you. 

Thank you!


4/1     $100                                                                  Jen Cincotta

4/2      $25                                                                Giavanna Bellino

4/3      $25                                                                 Katie Chapman

4/4      $25                                                                 Ryan Guerrette

4/5      $25                                                               Maureen Tessier

4/6      $50 Home Depot gift card                             Jill Evelyn

4/7      $50                                                                  Debra Hildago

4/8      $25                                                                   Erin Sullivan

4/9      $25                                                                      Rob Fay

4/10    $25                                                             Craig Derkrikorian

4/11    $25                                                                     Jill Pearl

4/12    $25                                                                  Sarah Arndt

4/13    $50 Olive Garden gift card                            Lori Olsen

4/14    $50                                                                  Ann Valcourt

4/15    $25                                                                 Kendal Geiger

4/16    $25                                                               Marion Simoneau

4/17    $25                                                                Debra Hildago

4/18    $25                                                                 Jeremy Rafuse

4/19    $25                                                                 Tim Patterson

4/20    $50 Master Card gift card                           Tracie Geiger

4/21    $50                                                                  Deb Kovisars

4/22    $25                                                                Rachel Kanaley

4/23    $25  

4/24    $25  

4/25    $25  

4/26    $25  

4/27    $50 Home Depot gift card

4/28    $50

4/29    $25  

4/30    $100

Congratulations to all the winners and thank you for supporting Litchfield youth lacrosse!


by LLA posted 04/02/2019
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